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  • Dr. Joana Gil-Mohapel

    MEDD 421/422 Course Co-Director & Master Teacher
    Office: MSB 114


    Dr. Gil-Mohapel is originally from Portugal, where she obtained a B.Sc. with Honours in Biochemistry and a M.Sc. in Cell Biology. She then completed a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the Wallenberg Research Centre, Lund University, Sweden. Following her Ph.D., Dr. Gil-Mohapel moved to Victoria, where she completed 4 years as a post-doctoral fellow and 2 years as a Research Associate in Neuroscience at the Division of Medical Sciences, University of Victoria. Her research interests included gaining a better understanding on how brain plasticity is affected by neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative conditions and whether different therapies aimed at promoting brain function can be of therapeutic value. She has co-authored 51 publications in international refereed scientific journals on these topics. Presently, Dr. Gil-Mohapel is a Master Teacher at the Island Medical Program, where she teaches several components of the pre-clinical years. Dr. Gil-Mohapel has also taken a leadership role within the UBC Faculty of Medicine, being the Course Co-Director for both MEDD421 (Year 2 / Term 1) and MEDD422 (Year 2 / Term 2) courses of the medical undergraduate curriculum.

    The MEDD 421 (Foundations of Medical Practice III) and MEDD 422 (Foundations of Medical Practice IV) Course Co-Director has province-wide leadership, integration, and organizational responsibilities regarding all aspects of the planning, delivery, and continuous quality improvement of both the MEDD421 (Year 2 / Term 1) and MEDD 422 (Year 2 / Term 2) courses of the UBC Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Curriculum. These courses are delivered provincially at each distributed site (VFMP in Vancouver, IMP in Victoria, NMP in Prince George, and SMP in Kelowna). The Course Co-Director works in close collaboration with a province-wide team to ensure the goals and objectives of this course are met across all distributed sites.