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  • Dr. Bruce Wright

    Regional Associate Dean, Vancouver Island, UBC FoM
    Head, Division of Medical Sciences, University of Victoria
    Office: MSB 104B
    Dr. Laura Farrell

    Assistant Dean, MD Undergraduate Education, IMP
    Office: MSB 104F
    Waheeda Esmail

    Regional Administrative Director
    Office: MSB 104a
    Dr. Fraser Black

    Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, IMP
    Office: MSB 124
    Dr. Marjon Blouw

    Director of Community Engagement, IMP
    Office: MSB 324
    Dr. Margaret Manville

    Year 1 & 2 Family Medicine Director, Family Practice
    Office: Coronation Annex, Room 106
    Dr. Ian Thompson

    Year 1 & 2 Site Director, Foundations of Medicine
    Office: MSB 114
    Dr. Alexandre Henri-Bhargava

    Year 1 & 2 Site Director, Clinical Skills
    Office: RJH 209
    Dr. Shavaun MacDonald

    Year 3 Program Director, Clerkship
    Office: RJH 147
    Dr. Amita Modi

    Year 4 Director, Electives
    Office: RJH 113
    Dr. Jody Anderson

    PMP Director Year 4, IMP
    Office: RJH 113
    Dr. Lisa Cairns

    Site Director, MEDD 419/429/439
    Office: MSB 324
    Dr. Joana Gil-Mohapel

    MEDD 421/422 Course Co-Director & Master Teacher
    Office: MSB 114
    Dr. Anne Morrison

    Site Leader, Campbell River and District General Hospital
    Dr. Paul Terlien

    ICC Director & Site Leader, Integrated Community Clerkship, Cowichan Valley
    Office: CDH
    Dr. Jane Gair

    Teaching Professor, Medical Genetics
    Office: MSB 330
    Kurt  McBurney

    Associate Teaching Professor
    Office: MSB 350A
    Dr. Gisele Bourgeois-Law

    Centre for Health Education Research (CHES) IMP Liaison
    Office: RJH 214
    Dr. Sarah  Buydens

    Regional Director of Faculty Development, Vancouver Island
    Office: MSB 126