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  • IMP and DMSC celebrate staff and faculty

    Feb 7, 2017 | Posted by: Rhys Mahannah

    On December 15, 2016, the Island Medical Program and the Division of Medical Sciences held their seasonal celebration. This is a special event, recognizing the incredible work that IMP and DMSC staff have done over the past year. It was also the opportunity to recognize those who've been with the IMP and DMSC for five or ten years.

    Ten Year Milestone

    Dr. Laura Arbour, Professor in the Department of Medical Genetics; Affiliate Professor in the DMSC

    Kim Brodie, Curriculum Administrator VGH

    "I enjoyed celebrating the season with my colleagues and have enjoyed the successes and challenges of the past 10 years. Looking forward to many more."

    Izaak Housden, UBC Faculty of Medicine V/C Design Liaison

    "I have a diverse background and have worked for small mom and pop shops to big pharma. I can honestly say that my time thus far at UVic has been the most enjoyable of all employers. In my role I have found there is opportunity, support, challenge, growth, recognition, and a lot of friendship. My colleagues at IMP and UBC have created an environment that I enjoy coming to each day and for that I am very grateful. My first 10 years has flown by and I’m looking forward to my next 10."

    Jeff Knight, Simulation Technology Support Analyst

    "It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years already! Over the past ten years, I have witnessed a lot of change including: capital renewals (multiple times in some of the rooms), infrastructure changes, new sites, procedural changes, etc. The tasks I perform today are 90% different than the role I was hired into. When I look back on the past ten years, however, these changes are not what stand out the most. What does stand out is how many of the people I met a decade ago are still here today. These relationships that were formed while working to improve healthcare delivery in our communities are what makes this job as fun and enjoyable as it is. I’m am looking forward to see where the next 10 years bring us!"

    Stephanie Goult, Site Coordinator, IMG, Academic and Faculty Support, Family Practice

    "I really enjoyed the recognition event. It was nice to be with people who I’ve worked with for a long time but don’t get to see very often."

    Carlea Remodo, Site Coordinator, Idigenous Family Practice Site

    "I can’t believe that it has been 10 years already since I began working with UBC Postgraduate Education. I began working with the UBC Royal College Program in 2006 and then joined the UBC Indigenous Family Practice Residency Site in 2009. The highlight for me are my residents (and alumni); they constantly inspire me with their selflessness and genuine passion for the communities and patients that they serve. I also feel blessed to have received teachings from Elders, to have been welcomed into Indigenous communities during our Academic Days and to work with such dedicated preceptors. It has been an honour to be part of a program that considers cultural traditions and teachings, resident resilience and community engagement while also producing knowledgeable, well-rounded medical experts."

    Erin Gogol, DMSC Secretary

    IMP has been a great place to work -- it's more like a family than a workplace. I think that is how I have ended up being here for 10 years! Plus we laugh a lot, which I love.


    Five Year Milestone

    Katie Gerritsen, Assistant to the Regional Associate Dean

    I’m deeply grateful for all of the love and support I’ve had since joining IMP. It’s a special thing to know that no matter how the work day goes, there is guaranteed to always be some laughter and lots of smiles. To be part of a team of hard-working people, great mentors and all-around amazing humans is a gift, and it’s one I appreciate daily. Having worked on campus for 14 years, my time at IMP has by far been the most rewarding!

    Eleanor Good, Program Administrator Years 1 & 2 RJH

    "It was so wonderful for everyone to be recognized for their time spent at IMP! Personally, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 5 years here, and I’ve felt supported and encouraged every step of the way! I look forward to the coming years and continuing to recognize all the other wonderful staff that are part of the program."

    Luisa Halsall, Program Assistant VGH

    "I just wanted to say that it was an honour to be recognized this way at the years of service event and had a fabulous time mingling with staff. Always a pleasure!"

    Leigh Anne Swayne, Assistant Professor DMSC

    "It’s hard to believe how quickly the time has passed since I started at the IMP/DMS! I’ve loved being a part of the IMP family and associated research group in the DMS over the past 6 years (since January 2011). I appreciated Brian’s remarks as he has been a really important and supportive mentor for me over the years. The genuine feelings of appreciation and community were palpable at the event, as has been true in years past as well. It’s reflective of why we have a strong history of success as a distributed program – our cohesiveness, our ability to work together and appreciate and capitalize one another’s strengths is why we have always been successful. I hope we continue to work as a team and continue on this same trajectory for many years to come!"