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  • Dr. Stan Bardal says goodbye to the IMP, DMSC

    Dec 13, 2016 | Posted by: Rhys Mahannah

    sbOn Thursday, December 8, staff, faculty, and students celebrated Dr. Stan Bardal's long tenure with, and incredible accomplishments in, the Island Medical Program (IMP) and the Division of Medical Sciences (DMSC). December 31 will mark Dr. Bardal's last day with both programs.

    "I have many friends in the city and in Vancouver, and with my continuing work at UBC, I certainly won’t be a stranger to the IMP," said Dr. Bardal. "I will always be thankful to former IMP dean Dr. Casiro, who convinced me to leave the 'big smoke’ (UBC) for UVic, and for all my colleagues I have worked with over the years."

    Just a few of Dr. Bardal’s more recent accomplishments include:

    Creator of a drug formulary and app, used by thousands worldwide; co-lead for the Pharmacotheraphy theme and MEDD 412 Week 31; tutor for problem-based and case-based learning; supervisor and advisor in the FLEX courses; and creator of, and teacher in, a new Geriatric Pharmacology course at UVic.

    These contributions and the many, many others not listed are unto themselves exceptionally laudable. But what has been the most consistent and notable are the accolades of the medical students. Dr. Bardal has, year over year, won the respect and admiration of students, resulting in multiple teaching awards.

    The IMP and DMSC staff and faculty, as well as past and present IMP students, we would like to thank Dr. Bardal for his commitment to providing students with an excellent educational experience. As well, his significant contribution to the development of pharmacology teaching within the Faculty of Medicine has firmly established this important topic in the undergraduate medical education curriculum.