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  • IMP students celebrate CaRMS Match Day, upcoming residency

    Mar 5, 2018 | Posted by: Rhys Mahannah


    On March 1, like hundreds of other medical students across BC, the Island Medical Program's Class of
    2018 celebrated the first-round results of the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS), which
    pairs medical students with postgraduate training programs across Canada.

    To celebrate this special, emotion-filled day, IMP students gathered at Royal Jubilee Hospital to enjoy a
    catered lunch, take photos, and celebrate the next step in their careers.

    We connected with three of those students – Sam Brophy, Elisabeth Pharo, and Darcy Good – to learn what
    excites them most about their residency program and the community where they'll be training. See below.

    Read more about CaRMS Match Day here.


    Name: Sam Brophy
    Residency: Emergency Medicine
    Victoria, BC

    Emergency medicine and acute care have always been very close to my heart. I started by getting my basic first aid, which I then taught before becoming a paramedic with BC Ambulance. I love to comfort people in critical situations – I couldn’t be happier with my placement.

    I was born and raised in Victoria, so it’s a huge privilege to stay here and give back to my community, including the Island Medical Program, which has given me so much. I’m excited to enrich emergency medicine across Vancouver Island and, one day soon, take part in a teaching role with the Faculty of Medicine.


    Name: Elisabeth Pharo
    Family Medicine
    City: Victoria, BC

    Coming into medical school, I figured family medicine was what I wanted. And every clinical rotation I did solidified that choice for me. I simply like what family medicine has to offer, but it's also what I’m best suited to. It’s hard to explain – like when someone asks what your favorite food is. You don’t know why it’s your favorite; you just know that it is.

    And I’m unbelievably excited to do my residency in Victoria, my top choice. This is where my partner and I are rooted, where we’ve built our community. It’s also an excellent hybrid of small-town feel with high-quality academia, where you get high volumes of patients but also quality interactions with those patients. The IMP is here, too, and that really matters to me – I had such a good experience with the medical residents, and so I want to give back in the same way.


    Name: Darcy Good
    Residency: Psychiatry
    Location: Victoria, BC

    I am so excited for a career in psychiatry. It’s something that I’ve found a very strong passion for. And I’m ecstatic to have matched in Victoria. I’ve fallen in love with the city, and I’ve found nowhere else on the planet that’s more beautiful, so I can’t wait to build my life and career here.

    My main goal, now, is to give back. I’m the first member of my nation – the Snuneymuxw First Nation, in Nanaimo – to get into medical school, and the opportunity to give back to First Nation communities across Vancouver Island is something that I really look forward to.