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    Getting Involved in Education Scholarship 

    If you are interested in getting involved in education scholarship or have an educational research question you would like to pursue, consider joining our fledgling IMP Education Scholars Group. The purpose of the Scholars group is to gather like-minded people and provide resources to help grow an education scholar community on the Island.

    The Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME) defines Education Scholarship as follows:

    “Education Scholarship is an umbrella term which can encompass both research and innovation in health professions education. Quality in education scholarship is atained  through work that is: peer-reviewed, publicly disseminated, and provides a platform that others can build on.”

    Scholarship is more than randomized controlled trials. At the other extreme, scholarly teaching is not the same as scholarship. If you wish to be able to disseminate your work, whether at conferences or in medical journals, or to use your education scholarship to support your application for academic promotion, it is helpful to be familiar with Glassick’s 6 standards for scholarship.

    Join our Breakfast Club:

    The Breakfast Club is a group of medical education faculty interested in medical education scholarship and evidence-informed educational practice. We meet on the second Thursday of the month at Hillside Coffee and Tea between 0800 and 0930. There is no formal agenda. We’re a friendly group, so come and join us for a stimulating start to your day. Contact Dr. Gisèle Bourgeois-Law for more information. 

    Getting promoted based on your education scholarship

    Getting promoted based on education scholarship has in the past been a challenge across academic institutions. UBC promotion and tenure policies have addressed the issue in principle, but departmental P&T committee membership changes over time, and members may struggle with what is and isn’t scholarship. An additional complication for clinical faculty is that while full-time faculty are covered by UBC-wide (not only Faculty of Medicine) policies, promotion policies for clinical faculty are under the purview of individual departments and may vary widely. If you are planning to apply for promotion and education scholarship will form a significant component of your application, the CHES-IMP Liaison Dr. Gisèle Bourgeois-Law would be pleased to meet with you and discuss how to highlight your educational contributions. 

    Careers in Medical Education 

    If you have a passion for medical education and are wondering where it fits into your career and work life, please feel free to contact the CHES-IMP Liaison Dr. Gisèle Bourgeois-Law who will be pleased to meet with you.

    This chart from the Centre for Faculty Development at the University of Toronto outlines various roles, the type of work involved, and the professional development generally needed. There are many professional development and further training opportunities available here on the Island, in BC, or by distance across the world. Several IMP faculty members have completed the SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) program at UBC, while others have advanced (Masters or PhD) degrees.

    IMP Education Scholars

    View an interview with Dr. Kiran Veerapen, Assistant Dean, Faculty Development, UBC FOM  

    View an interview with Dr. Bruce Wright, Regional Associate Dean, Vancouver Island, University of British Columbia, Head, Division of Medical Sciences, University of Victoria 

    View an interview with Dr. Laura Farrell, Assistant Dean MD Undergraduate Program, Vancouver Island 

    Becoming a CHES member 

    The Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES) in the Faculty of Medicine supports health educational scholarship across the distributed programs. Membership provides many opportunities related to formal association with a community of practice as well as access to the Members Only section of the website. The latter includes sample grant applications, poster templates, and other resources related to educational research, as well as a video archive of past CHES research rounds.  You can apply here. There is no cost associated with membership.


    • Island Health Research Office: offers education around research methods and research support. While mainly focused on clinical research, they welcome clinicians interested in health professions education
    • University of Victoria Learning and Teaching Centre: offers writing workshops and presentations on research methods
    • CHES (Centre for Health Education Scholarship) see above for further info
    • IMP Librarian Rebecca Raworth can help you with literature search strategies and finding journal articles.
    • CHES-IMP Liaison Dr. Gisèle Bourgeois-Law’s role is to promote health professions education research on the Island. She can help point you in the right direction and either answer your questions, or link you to someone who can. Through CHES, she can also link you to other researchers across the country who may be interested in the same questions you are.

    Medical Education Journals

    While medical education papers are increasingly appearing in traditional clinical journals, there are a few journals devoted to medical education that you may be interested in. The Royal College has a  list and description of the journals on its website: (not entirely up-to-date; a couple of the smaller journals mentioned have folded, but a very useful resource).

    If you are clinical faculty, then you have access to the UBC library and can download articles. The following journals, among others, are also available at UVic:

    • Academic Medicine
    • Advances in Health Science Education: Theory and Practice
    • BMC Medical Education
    • Evaluation and the Health Professions
    • Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions
    • Medical Education
    • Medical Teacher
    • Medical Science Educator
    • Simulation in Healthcare: The Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare

    More information on Medical Education Conferences found here 

     Medical Education Grants:

    Useful websites:

    Articles you may enjoy:

    Every month, we post abstracts of selected recent articles from a representative number of medical education journals along with links to the full articles. This is not meant to be comprehensive - simply abstracts of a few articles you may enjoy along with the opportunity to click on a link and learn more if you wish. When you click on the links, you will first be directed to the UVIC library website; your ID and password are identical to the one you use to access your email.

    Contact Information:

    CHES-IMP Liaison Dr. Gisèle Bourgeois-Law



    Join our Education Scholars email list: If you wish to be notified of special events or resources related to medical education scholarship, please contact us.