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    IMP Teacher Programs FAQ

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    IMP Teacher Programs - Our New Model  

    It has now been 10 years since our first batch of students walked through the doors of the Medical Sciences Building and the first batch of tutors and preceptors came on board. Almost 200 students have graduated since, our faculty has grown fourfold to 900, and post graduate education on the Island is rapidly expanding.

    In the past we have supported the training needs of our teachers through a variety of workshops and conferences, with a focus on fostering community, while responding to training needs and highlighting emerging pockets of excellence. While we plan to continue to do this, we recognize the changing and diverse needs of our faculty and will also be offering more stratified training programs. These programs will cater to teachers who would like foundational training, those who would welcome a more advanced structured program and those who require support for scholarship and innovation. We hope that over time trained teachers will contribute the program, enhancing its quality and making it self-sustaining.


    IMP Faculty Development Model

    IMP Teacher Program (ITP)

    The IMP teacher program is comprised of four foundational training workshops which will equip preceptors & residents with skills and resources to teach effectively within their particular teaching environment. All workshops will be held twice a year.  The workshop series will rotate between RJH, VGH and MSB for the convenience of clinical faculty, but teachers may attend at the site of their choice.

    Upon completion of all four workshops, teachers will receive an IMP Teacher Program completion certificate and an IMP Teacher lapel pin/brooch at an annual faculty celebration event. Teachers who complete the ITP will become eligible to enrol for the IMP Advanced Teacher Program.

    We realize that some of our teachers are very busy, so the completion time to obtain the ITP certificate is 3 years. The workshop schedule will be posted on our website as well as sent out to all preceptors.

    IMP Teacher Program

    IMP Advanced Teacher Program (IATP)

    The IMP Advanced Teacher Program will be open for enrolment to all teachers who have completed the ITP (or corresponding modules in the last 3 years) or intend to complete it alongside the IATP. The program will require teachers to attend five medical education workshops with at least one in each of the areas of assessment, reflective practice & teaching and pedagogy. In addition, all enrolled teachers will complete a small project related to their area of teaching culminating in a 10 minute presentation to peers at an annual event.

    We realize that some our teachers are very busy, so the completion time to obtain an IATP certificate is 3 years. The workshop schedule will be periodically updated on our website as well as sent out to all preceptors.

    Island Medical Advanced Teacher Program

    IMP Scholar Support Program (ISS)

    The ISS will provide a structured forum for scholars and innovators to find resources and establish a networked community through support from CHES and local agencies on the Island. For more information on how you can apply please visit our Scholar Support Page, or contact the Faculty Development Assistant at 250-472-5502 or facdev@uvic.ca

    IMP Scholar Support Program

    IMP Faculty Development Model - Outputs

    Through this stratified approach, teachers will feed back into the program and help it become self-sustaining:

    •Scholars & Innovators will develop workshops or short presentations;
    •Advanced program tutors will co-facilitate foundational workshops;
    •Completion certificates will contribute to recognition of tutors; and
    •Teachers who are new or need to attend foundational courses, can do so.
    IMP Faculty Development Model - Outputs

    If you have more questions please visit our IMP Teacher Program FAQ page or contact the Faculty Development Assistant at facdev@uvic.ca or at 250-472-5502


    Last Updated: October 22, 2014