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    Why do I need a UBC Clinical Faculty Appointment?

    Accreditation standards require all physicians supervising UBC students to hold UBC Clinical Faculty appointments. A Clinical Faculty Appointment (CFA) is also necessary to receive compensation for teaching UBC students.

    In order to qualify for a Clinical Faculty appointment, an applicant must:
    - be currently teaching or indicate a willingness to teach.
    - have demonstrated competence in clinical practice and a willingness to relate his/her practice to teaching.
    - be a current member of their Health Professional Association (College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC).
    - have the support from their Island Health Section or Department Head.
    - be recommended by the IMP Regional Associate Dean.
    - be able to prove through teaching hours and evaluations, a minimum academic contribution over a two-year period for reappointment.

    How do I apply?

    Please email , IMP Faculty Appointments Administrator or phone: 250.721.7224 to facilitate the process.

    How long does the appointment process take?

    Each Department has a Departmental Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee (DCFAPC) which varies in composition according to Departmental needs. Its role is to deliberate and make recommendations on the appointment, reappointment and promotion of Clinical Faculty. The timing and frequency of DCFAPC meetings varies from Department to Department and in some Departments occurs only once a year. However, once your Clinical Faculty Appointment application has been submitted, your appointment is considered “in process” and you are eligible for compensation.

    View appointment policies


    As a clinical faculty member you may be eligible for compensation. Teaching activities are compensated in accordance with the Faculty of Medicine Policy on Clinical Faculty Appointments

    Compensation Terms for Clinical Faculty teaching in the MD Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs (PDF)

    Teacher Tracking and Payment System (TTPS) general information

    TTPS contacts at IMP

    • New or existing clinical faculty appointment
    • Campus wide login (CWL)
    • Personal information updates
    • Undergraduate teaching

    Niobe Getty, Program Support A&E and Clinical Faculty Appointments


    • Direct deposit enrollment
    Ana Danut, Financial Officer 250-721-7479


    As a Clinical Faculty Member, you are eligible for UBC staff discounts, you can apply for a UBC email account and library card, and facilitate web access.

    View complete list of benefits

    Affiliate Appointment with UVIC Division of Medical Sciences

    As a clinical teacher for the Island Medical Program and having been approved for a Clinical Faculty Appointment at UBC, you are also entitled to hold an Affiliate Appointment with the University of Victoria, Division of Medical Sciences.  As an Affiliate Faculty Member, you are eligible for UVIC staff discounts, University Club membership, and access to UVIC library services. 

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