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    For an alphabetical listing of the Island Medical Program contacts, please go to the UVic Directory. For faculty contacts, please go to the Division of Medical Sciences research faculty directory.

    Location Key:
    MSB - Medical Sciences Building (at UVic) ICC - Integrated Community Clerkship (Duncan, BC)
    RJH - Royal Jubilee Hospital (Victoria, BC) CDH - Cowichan District Hospital (Duncan, BC)
    VGH - Victoria General Hospital (Victoria, BC) NRGH - Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (Nanaimo, BC)


    Title Name Email Phone Fax Location
    MSB Reception Kaisha De Ochoa impsec1@uvic.ca 250-472-5500 250-472-5505 MSB 104
    RJH Reception/Facilities Clerk Amanda O'Connor imprjh@uvic.ca 250-519-1825 250-519-1549 RJH Coronation Annex Reception
    VGH Reception Luisa Halsall


    250-370-8111 x 15584 250-727-4149 VGH 2972
    ICC Reception Stacey Taylor


    1-250-737-2063 1-250-737-2068 CDH
    NRGH Reception Jo-Anne Neustaedter


    1-250-739-5971 1-250-739-5997 NRGH 2063

    IMP Leadership and Support

    Title Name Email Phone Location
    Regional Associate Dean, Vancouver Island (UBC)
    Head, Division of Medical Sciences (UVic)
    Dr. Bruce Wright
    brucewri@uvic.ca 250-472-5524 MSB 104B
    Administrative Assistant to the Regional Associate Dean Kyla Patterson
    impadmin@uvic.ca 250-472-5524 MSB 104
    Assistant Dean, MD Undergraduate Education, Island Medical Program Dr. Laura Farrell
    lfarrell@uvic.ca 250-721-6598 MSB 104f
    Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Dean and Administrative Director Alisha Lemmen / Katie Gerritsen impfac@uvic.ca 250-721-6373 MSB 104
    Regional Administrative Director
    Waheeda Esmail


    250-472-5511 MSB 104a
    Financial Officer Ana Danut impfo@uvic.ca 250-721-7479 MSB 116
    Financial Clerk Pallavi Chavan finclerk@uvic.ca 250-472-5541 MSB 104
    Development Manager Jody Kitts kittsj@uvic.ca 250-853-3245 EOW 253
    Development Officer Nicole Boulet nboulet@uvic.ca 250-721-6102

    UVic ELL 166

    Student Affairs

    Title Name Email Phone Location
    Assistant Dean, Student Affairs Dr. Fraser Black
    fblack@uvi.ca 250-472-5509 MSB 124
    Coordinator, Student Affairs Kelly Arason karason@uvic.ca 250-472-5508 MSB 122

    Information Services

    Title Name Email Phone Location
    Librarian Rebecca Raworth raworthr@uvic.ca 250-721-8269 UVic McPherson Library
    Admissions & Communications Coordinator Rhys Mahannah impadmcom@uvic.ca 250-472-5527 MSB 120

    Curriculum - Years 1 and 2

    Title Name Email Phone Location
    Site Director (FMED) Dr. Ian Thompson


    250-472-5517 MSB 114
    Course Director, Clinical Skills (CS) Dr. Alexandre Henri-Bhargava 250-370-8111 x 13419 RJH 209
    Course Director, Family Practice (FP) Dr. Lys Fonger fmdir@uvic.ca 250-472-5538 MSB 324
    Site Director, MEDD 419/429/439 (FLEX) Dr. Lisa Cairns 250-472-4102 MSB 324
    Course Co-Director/Master Teacher, MEDD 422 Dr. Joana Gil-Mohapel jgil@uvic.ca 250-472-4597 MSB 114

    Program Manager

    MEDD 422 Course Manager

    Regional Co-Administrative Manager

    Jennifer MacMillan jmacm@uvic.ca 250-472-5507 MSB 118
    Curriculum Administrator Portfolio/FLEX/MEDD Nicole Wells impcurr1and2@uvic.ca 250-472-5522 MSB 104
    Curriculum Administrator CS/FB; Provincial Ultrasound Curriculum Administrator Eleanor Good csfmpr@uvic.ca 250-519-1502 RJH 103
    Assessment and Evaluation Administrator Christy Schwarz cschwarz@uvic.ca 250-472-5523 MSB 214
    Curriculum/Assessment and Evaluation Support Nikki Polischuk currsupp@uvic.ca 250-721-7206 MSB 104
    Program Support Year 1-4 Aleah Ross progsupp@uvic.ca 250-370-8111 x 11347 RJH Coronation Annex

    Program Support - Assessment and Evaluation Support, Clinical Faculty Appointments

    Niobe Getty niobeg@uvic.ca 250-721-7224 MSB 104

    Curriculum Materials Coordinator

    Laura Tassie laura.tassie@uvic.ca 250-721-8739 MSB 326

    Patient Programs Coordinator -- Years 1 and 2

    Karen Basi karenpri@uvic.ca 250-370-8111 x 12386 RJH 105

    Patient Programs Trainer

    Lauren Jerke sptrainer@uvic.ca 250-370-8111 x 13418 RJH 209

    Curriculum - Years 3 and 4

    Title Name Email Phone Location
    Course Director, Clerkships, Yr 3; Course Director, Rural Family Practice Dr. Shavaun MacDonald


    250-370-8111 x 13149 RJH 110
    Course Director, Electives, Yr 4 Dr. Amita Modi amodi@uvic.ca 250-370-8111 x 13715 RJH 113
    Course Director, PMP, Yr 4 Dr. Jody Anderson


    250-370-8111 x 13714 RJH 109

    Program Director, Integrated Clerkship Cowichan Valley

    Dr. Maggie Watt




    Site Leader, Affiliated Regional Centre, Nanaimo Dr. Kim King kim.king@viha.ca 1-250-739-5970 NRGH 2063
    Site Leader, Campbell River and District General Hospital Dr. Anne Morrison anne.morrison@viha.ca 1-250-287-7708
    Program Manager Lynne Fisher llfisher@uvic.ca 250-519-1827 RJH 146
    Curriculum Administrator RJH Kristen Stanbridge kristens@uvic.ca 250-519-1826 RJH 107
    Curriculum Administrator VGH Kim Brodie kbrodie@uvic.ca 250-727-4148 VGH 1910
    Program Assistant VGH Luisa Halsall lhalsall@uvic.ca 250-370-8111 x 15584 VGH 2970
    Assessment and Evaluation Administrator Elana Richard elanar@uvic.ca 250-370-8111 x 15592 VGH 2973
    Curriculum Adminstrator Integrated Community Clerkship (ICC) Cowichan Valley Stacey Taylor staceyt@uvic.ca 1-250-737-2063 CDH
    Program Assistant Central Island Jo-Anne Neustaedter joanne.neustaedter@viha.ca 1-250-739-5971 NRGH 2063
    On-call Scheduling (UG/PG) Ashley Macdonell ashley.macdonell@viha.ca 250-370-8111 x 12410 RJH 202
    UG/PG Program Assistant Anne Beaton beatonae@uvic.ca 250-370-8111 x 13710 RJH 101

    Faculty Development

    Title Name Email Phone Location
    Regional Faculty Development Director, Vancouver Island Sarah Buydens sbuydens@uvic.ca 250-472-5526 MSB 126
    Faculty Development and Student Affairs Support Nicole Coutts facdev@uvic.ca 250-472-5502 MSB 104

    Centre for Interprofessional Clinical Simulation Learning (CICSL)

    Title Name Email Phone Location
    Director Darin Abbey darin.abbey@viha.ca 250-519-7700 x 13663 RJH 249
    Manager Anna Macdonald anna.patten@viha.ca 250-370-8111 x 13431 RJH 225
    Simulation Support Janet White simsupp@uvic.ca 250-370-8111 x 13432 RJH 226
    Simulation Technology Support Analyst Jeff Knight knightj@uvic.ca 250-370-8111 x 13667 RJH 250

    Technical Support

    Title Name Email Phone Location
    UBC FoM VC Design Liaison Isaak Housden ihousden@uvic.ca 250-472-5506 MSB 329
    Technology Support Analyst Dave Cerilli (on leave) dcerilli@uvic.ca 250-472-5513 MSB 161
    Technology Support Analyst Mike Quan mikeq@uvic.ca 250-853-3792 BEC 184
    Technology Support Analyst Elizabeth Heslop


    250-472-5513 MSB 161
    Technology Support Analyst Matt Broad (co-op student)


    250-472-5513 MSB 161