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    The Island Medical Program has identified many specific philanthropic funding opportunities where your support will make a real difference. All gifts to the Island Medical Program are directed in their entirety to support the area of your choice.

    Gifts to the Island Medical Program allow us to:

    You may choose to make a gift now, or you may consider the benefits of gift planning − gifts of property, shares, life insurance or registered assets are valuable ways to contribute to the program's success.

    You may also choose to leave a legacy to the Island Medical Program through a bequest in a will or a charitable trust. The decision to make a planned gift is a signal of a deep commitment to the Island Medical Program and often reflects a desire to create a philanthropic legacy that will endure in perpetuity.


    Scholarships reward academic achievement. Donor support for scholarships helps us to recruit and retain outstanding students. Students who receive scholarships are motivated to continue to strive for personal excellence. Scholarships can be set up as an annual award or as an endowed fund.

    Donors can establish new scholarships or contribute to existing ones


    We aim to remove all barriers to a student’s educational success other than academic and creative potential. Supporting those students with the greatest financial need is a priority. Our program is still young and we want to build equity and diversity in our student population. Bursaries will encourage applicants from those with modest means. Donors can help ensure that those bright and capable students who have the desire to be a doctor are not deterred by the cost to become one. Bursaries can be set up as an annual award or as an endowed fund.

    Support the Island Medical Program Bursary Fund

    Professorships and Chairs

    Great people make a great university. The key to attracting outstanding faculty is providing them with the resources they need to pursue their passion for research and teaching. Endowed chairs and professorships will ensure we can recruit and retain the talented people we need.

    Endowed academic positions are generally established through the generosity of benefactors who understand the need to support research excellence, while providing programs and special initiatives that promote enlightened inquiry and discourse with students.

    Named endowments

    Endowed funds are invested by the University to generate annual income in perpetuity for the purpose specified by the donors. Only a portion of the annual return generated by each endowed fund is spent, so that the principal continues to grow.

    Donors may create an endowed fund now, through an outright gift, or in the future, through a bequest or life income gift, such as a charitable remainder trust.

    Endowed funds forever connect the name of the donors or someone the donors wish to honor with the Island Medical Program as well as with the cause they care about.

    Technology & facilities

    Technology continually advances the science of medicine and our teaching tools and equipment must keep pace. We are seeking funding for laboratory equipment renewal and enhancement.

    The Island Medical Program has excellent physical facilities in the state-of-the art Medical Sciences Building. There are a variety of academic areas, laboratories and physical spaces available for naming by donors.