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  • Standardized Patients

    Standardized Patients (SP) are healthy individuals from various backgrounds and age groups who are trained to portray real patient symptoms and histories in a controlled setting. SPs are individually selected based on their gender, age and appearance to satisfy the case requirements of each session. SPs are articulate, and have the ability to memorize scenarios of a given case that they are simulating. SPs are also able to portray a range of emotions and interact with medical students without fear or apprehension.

    1) What kind of cases do SPs simulate?

    Cases vary in demand depending on the complexity of symptoms and background history. Some cases test the students’ history-taking skills. In such cases, the SP will memorize all the relevant background medical history of the patient they are simulating. These could vary from headache, to abdominal pain, to chest pain. At times, the SP will be required to portray physical symptoms during the history taking encounter (i.e. coughing).

    Other cases are designed to test the students’ skills at performing physical examinations. The SP, in this case, will be examined by the students, and will be trained to portray the physical findings of this patient.

    2) How much time would I need to commit?

    Usually, two 2-hour training sessions take place two weeks prior to simulation dates. Simulations range between 10-40 minutes and SPs may do several simulations in one day.

    3) How often would I be scheduled?

    SPs can work as many projects as they like, depending on their availability and suitability to a given role. IMP recruits SPs depending on the requirements of the cases, which vary from year to year.

    4) Will I get paid?

    SPs receive an honorarium for their participation. These honorariums vary depending on the type of session that they participate in.

    Previous volunteers

    Check out what our previous volunteers have said about the program.

    Next steps?

    If you are interested in becoming a Standardized Patient, please use our application form, or contact:

    Karen Basi
    Patient Programs Coordinator, Island Medical Program
    250-370-8111 ext: 12386

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