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    The Island Medical Program relies on people from the community in many ways...from those who provide financial support, to patient educators, to medical professionals who volunteer as physician mentors. Please take time to read about some of our donors and patient educators .

    If you are a member of the community and would like to contribute to the success of our program, please see the activities outlined on these pages.

    Financial Support

    Financial gifts, large and small, enable us to develop and grow the Island Medical Program. The generosity of community members will ensure we continue educating the next generation of physicians, many of whom may serve our Island communities.

    Support the IMP >

    Patient Programs

    Volunteer Patients

    The Island Medical Program is looking for volunteer patients (VP) to give a little of their time and become involved in the education of our first and second year medical students through their Clinical Skills and Doctor, Patient and Society studies.

    Volunteer Patients >

    If you are a local Physician and interested in assisting in the recruitment of symptomatic volunteer patients (with the patient's permission) please contact the Patient Programs Coordinator.

    Simulated Patient Programs

    Simulated patient programs are used for teaching and the assessment of a student's consultation and clinical/physical examination skills. In the Island Medical Program there are two types of simulated patients:

    Standardized Patients

    A Standardized Patient (SP) is a healthy person trained to portray the personal history, physical symptoms, emotional characteristics and everyday concerns of an actual patient . The Island Medical Program trains SPs for various purposes directly related to the education of medical students. We currently have an active and varied pool of standardized patients, and we always welcome newcomers to the program.

    Standardized Patients >

    Clinical Teaching Associates

    Clinical Teaching Associates (CTAs) help teach medical students about how to perform breast and pelvic examinations, which are part of the clinical skills curriculum for second year medical students. CTAs provide feedback to students on their communication skills and patient rapport during this sensitive examination.

    Clinical Teaching Associates >

    Volunteer Opportunities for Physicians

    Mentorship Program

    The Mentorship Program provides medical students with the opportunity to focus on their own personal and professional development in an informal, supportive environment with a physician from the community.  Physician mentors can help students to set short-term learning objectives or long-term career goals, offer guidance on personal matters, provide networking opportunities and help the students in areas such as communication, flexibility and teamwork.

    Physician Mentors >

    A Unique Contribution

    Make a special and valuable contribution to the community. Consider donating your body to science.

    UBC Body Donation Program >