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  • The IMP's Regional Administrative Director, Lianne Peterson, retires after 12 years

    Jun 30, 2017 | Posted by: Rhys Mahannah

    After 12 years as Regional Administrative Director for the Island Medical Program (IMP), Lianne Peterson will finally settle into a well-earned retirement on July 1, 2017.

    Lianne has had a legendary impact on the IMP. Since first joining the program, in 2005, she has worked tirelessly with both Regional Associate Deans – first Dr. Oscar Casiro, now Dr. Bruce Wright – to expand and strengthen UBC’s medical education programs across Vancouver Island.

    lpTo highlight all she has done would be an exercise in futility; there is simply too much to list. But here are few of her bigger accomplishments: (1) working closely with Dr. Casiro, she was integral in transforming the Centre for Interprofessional Clinical Simulation Learning (CICSL) from an idea on paper to a full-fledged centre, now housed at Royal Jubilee Hospital. (2) She spearheaded the amalgamation of undergraduate and postgraduate administrative functions, leading to greater efficiency. (3) And, shortly after her arrival, Lianne worked with her team to develop a value-system for the IMP – the values people felt were the most important to a happy, productive, and respectful work environment.

    It's that last point, perhaps, that reflects Lianne’s most impressive accomplishment – the way she managed her team. Despite all that her role demanded, which she handled with grace and verve, she always made time for her colleagues, whom she treated with compassion, enthusiasm, and genuine interest. Her desire to help others did not stop with the IMP, either. She was also involved with the broader UVic community, where, for example, she helped organize Connect U, a professional development conference for UVic staff. Indeed, Lianne exhibited the traits of a true leader – intelligence, hard work, generosity, support, strong ethics – and she helped cultivate those same traits in the people around her and in those with whom she worked.

    Lianne has made her indelible mark on the IMP. She has contributed immensely, not only to countless individuals, but also to medical education on Vancouver Island and across BC. We wish Lianne all the best in her next stage of life, which she’ll enjoy with her husband, Carl, and – as the rumors go – a new canine companion. But we shall miss her all the same.

    Lianne was also recently featured on the Faculty of Medicine’s Staff Spotlight, where she shared some of her all-time favorite IMP moments. Check it out here.